So you say you're a porn addict?

Are there any downsides to addiction language? It depends on whom you ask. For some people, the addiction model really resonates. For other people, however, the addiction model seems to cause more problems than it solves, but they often have no other framework to replace it with.

For a rainy day

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay to feel that. So feel it. This is your job now. To feel your feelings and let them work in you or teach you whatever they have to say. Cry, scream, and wail. If there was ever a time to wail, THIS IS IT.

Control freaks, Part I

Maybe you read my last post about boundaries and thought, "I know I shouldn't try to control other people, but I still find my thoughts going there over and over." Rather than me trying to convince you, here are some exercises that can help you convince yourself.

The enemy of good

How do we engage in life when our mind estimates risk of failure as catastrophic and likelihood of success as minimal? Here are three places to start.